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Destination Transformation

Welcome to Awareness Adventures…. where Spirituality Meets Adventure.

Inspired to step away from your everyday life and explore new possibilities in your life?  Curious to see the larger picture from outside the frame?  Ready to tap into what you truly value and want to experience in your life?  Are you up for an adventure?

Magic happens when you step outside of your version of  the ‘norm’,  your curiosity is aroused and new perspectives reveal themselves.  You become receptive to new information and a larger potential for your life unfolds before you.

Seize an opportunity to nourish your body, expand your mind, follow your heart and ignite your spirit.

Experience a holiday with a sense of purpose and integrate valuable lasting changes into your life

Womens Radiance Retreats

Reclaim well deserved time and space.
Receive luxurious pampering.
Enjoy the company of like minded and hearted sisters.

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Spiritual Adventures

Visit magical exotic locations.
Dive deep into your spiritual practices.
Learn ancient healing techniques.
Satiate your adventurous spirit.

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Personally Tailored Retreats

Lets design your fantasy retreat or your ideal getaway.
Create a personalised trip that ticks all your boxes.

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Transformational Coaching

Cant wait for a retreat?
Shift what holds you back from going for what you want in your health, your career, your relationships and your life.

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Indulge yourself from the inside out and the outside in.


YogaSatiLife_logoOnly Discover empowered thinking

YogaSatiLife_logoOnly Enjoy healthy living that is far from boring

YogaSatiLife_logoOnly Explore yoga and powerful health traditions

YogaSatiLife_logoOnly Practice mindfulness and meditation

YogaSatiLife_logoOnly Pamper yourself with massage and beauty treats

YogaSatiLife_logoOnly Explore magical places and sacred sites

YogaSatiLife_logoOnly Access powerful healing  practices

YogaSatiLife_logoOnly Celebrate, laugh and play

YogaSatiLife_logoOnly Enjoy great company with like minded souls

You will feel empowered by honouring your needs, adopting a joyful outlook and going for want you want in life with passion.

You will return home with a practical toolkit of powerful practices and rituals to maintain peace of mind, upgrade your health and support radical wellbeing.

By the end of your experience with Awareness Adventures, you will feel radiantly alive and see the world through different eyes.


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