Empowering Women to Stop Settling & Start Shining
(and be the Amazing Divine Goddesses They Are!)


Are you ready to make a quantum leap in your career, majorly amp up your relationship and feel juiced up in your body from the inside out?


The world needs empowered women that are wildly successful in the business world, un-apologetically themselves with their man and embrace every ounce of their bodies regardless of their shape and size.


Will you be one of them?


Imagine your business exploding and making more money than you have ever dreamed of (you can finally take that dream vacation)…


Picture feeling so connected to your man that you’re completely (and effortlessly) in sync no matter what life presents you…


Envision being filled with endless energy and embracing your body from head to toe (your insecurities are no where in sight)…


YES, you can have all of this!


Destination Transformation


Inspired to step away from your daily reality and explore new possibilities in your life?  Yearning to expand your inner and outer horizons?  Ready to experience a life changing adventure?


Magic happens when you step outside your normal routine. You see life from a broader point of view. Your curiosity is aroused. Then you become receptive to new information. Consequently new perspectives reveal themselves. As a result, a larger potential for your life begins to unfold before you.


Experience a holiday with deeper meaning and a sense of purpose.  Awareness Adventures designs retreats that are dedicated to your personal growth and wellbeing. They provide fertile ground for you to develop healthier habits and life skills.


Inspire your higher potential. Activate your awareness and find inner peace. Reflect on your life path and make empowering choices. Strengthen your body and enhance your health. Tap into your creativity. Nurture your heart and ignite your spirit.


Make positive and lasting changes in your life.


Reclaim some well deserved time out. Allow yourself to receive. Indulge in healthy self care and pampering. Enjoy the presence of like hearted sisters too.

This is my kinda medicine!

Create a personalised trip that finally ticks all your boxes. Lets design your ideal retreat or maybe a getaway to share with some special people in your life.

Just what I need!

You are striving to reach a higher potential in your health, wellbeing or a relationship. You are in transition and ready for a major shift in your life.

Lets Make Shift Happen!


High quality interractive online education to empower women to live a life that lights them up. Align with a higher potential for your body mind, heart and soul.

Enlighten me now!

Develop new life skills through experiential learning.

  Discover the art of deep listening.

  Express yourself with true clarity .

  Engage in daily yoga and health rituals.

  Practice mindfulness and meditation.

  Prioritise healthy living that is far from boring. 

  Experience magical places and sacred sites.

YogaSatiLife_logoOnly  Access learning with fun and adventure. 

  Create new possibilities for your life.

  Evolve and grow with new friends.



Return home with a practical toolkit of powerful practices and healthy rituals. Know how to maintain awareness and peace of mind. Lastly, gain access to more resources and a great community to support your well-being..

By the end of your experience with Awareness Adventures, you will feel radiantly alive and see the world through different eyes.

“Top 3 Tips to
Bring Awareness Adventure
& Aliveness into Your Day.”