‘Dear gorgeous woman,  you are deserving,  you are divine and you were put on this earth to unapologetically shine!

Witnessing women around the world, especially in modern society, I have observed certain common threads woven through the tapestry of their lives. There is a certain push to over achieve, to people please and a tendency to put their needs and their dreams on the back burner. Society, and often our care givers, have taught women that taking care of themselves is irresponsible and selfish!

The media has created pressure on women to modify their looks and behavior, in search of unachievable perfection. This often been at the expense of their health, happiness, relationships and sanity! As a result I see women cracking under the immense pressure to ‘get everything right’ by outer expectations and unrealistic standards. So many of us have lost our inner compass.

Fill up your cup from deep inside, accessing resources to provide. Don’t hesitate, it is never too late! Go create what makes you feel alive. It is your goddess given right to flourish and thrive.’     


About Mirella

Mirella is a dedicated Womens Transformation and Freedom Coach.  Aka as the ‘WTF Coach’, she inspires women from all walks of life, regardless of their history or any current limitations, to ‘Stop Settling and Start Shining!’ 

A passionate woman’s wellness advocate, she immersed herself for over 30 years in the healing arts, natural therapies, nutrition, bodywork, yoga and transpersonal psychology.

As an intuitive strategist, she supports women in doing the inner work to transform past hurts and patterns. Her mission is to aid them in reclaiming  their feminine power, sovereignty & freedom.

Inspired by her lifelong love of travel and exotic cultures, she delights in guiding women, through experiential learning, to expand their horizons, on her Awareness Adventures retreats.

My journey:

“Earlier in my life, my travel adventures both seduced me and distracted me from a very dysfunctional and painful past. Beneath my care free exterior, deep-seated limiting beliefs about myself, my body, other people and life brewed.

Spiralling down in a whirlpooI of self-sabotage, my beliefs became a self fulfilling prophecy. I would criticise myself, blame others and my own circumstances. I saw myself as a victim and a failure. My self worth was based on outer approval. I had week boundaries and was a magnet for toxic relationships.

Desperately desiring inner freedom, I delved into a diverse menagerie of therapies and spiritual modalities to ‘fix’ myself. However, the more I discovered, the more I beat myself up about it! Overwhelmed, at times depressed or anxious, I felt a silent desperation setting in.

Life happens doesn’t happen to you, life happens through you

Inspired to reflect on my life and explore the landscape of my inner world, I knew I had some deep soul searching to do.

This time, I took on a more mindful and compassionate approach. I decided to take full responsibility for my life, minus the guilt, shame and blame game.

I healed my relationship to my body and my health. My business and relationships transformed.  And of course, results with my clients sky rocketed. Evolution is now my daily mission!




About Awareness Adventures

This is the heart-centred genius of Mirella del Mondo. Awareness Adventures was created to cater to women seeking more than a holiday or a health retreat. It is a sacred journey with a deeper sense of purpose. You will have loads of fun as well!

Magic happens once we step away from our day-to-day reality and see our lives from a broader vantage point. Leaving behind our familiar routines, we experience both a letting go and an opening up. Our bodies sigh with relief. A childlike curiosity, aliveness and sense of adventure are aroused.

This creates the fertile ground for experiential learning for your inner and outer transformation.

Mirella and her caring team of gifted teachers, therapists and guides, are deeply dedicated to empowering you at the highest level. Experience the ideal environment to unwind, release old patterns, upgrade your health, initiate healing and learn new skills

Yes we will have yoga and learning circles, but dont worry, you won’t be running to classes all day!  

You will live in diva style and get to do lots of fun stuff too. Healthy gourmet cuisine is not the only thing on the menu. Delicious pampering, sacred rituals, cultural delights and a couple of field trips are on the program. You will have time to just chill out too!

You wont be left high and dry! We support your ongoing progress with learning like-minded communities and follow up programs.

We love giving back to local communities, by donating to womens or family projects, in the surrounding area of our retreat.