Mirella Parry

Transformation Coach and Wellness Expert

About Mirella:

Mirella is an authentic facilitator, researcher and ongoing student in heath, wellbeing and personal development.

Passionately immersing herself for over 30 years in various healing arts, natural therapies, nutrition, yoga and transpersonal psychology, she is now working as a dedicated transformational life coach.

Inspired by her lifelong love of travel and exotic cultures, she delights in empowering others to expand their horizons, on her Awareness Adventures retreats.

My journey:

“Earlier in my life, my travel adventures both seduced me and distracted me from a very dysfunctional and painful past.

Beneath my sense of freedom, deep-seated limiting beliefs about myself, my body, other people and life became evident.

Overwhelmed, depressed, anxious and desperate, I knew I had some deep soul searching to do.

Desperately desiring inner freedom, I delved into a diverse menagerie of therapies and spiritual modalities to ‘fix’ myself.

However, the more I discovered, the more I beat myself up about it…. and the list was endless.

Spiralling down in a whirlpooI of self-sabotage, I would criticise myself, blame others and my own circumstances. I saw myself as a victim and a failure. I would undermine my self worth by seeking approval outside myself. I had poor boundaries and was a magnet for toxic relationships.

‘Life happens doesn’t happen to you, but life happens through you’.

Inspired to reflect on my life and explore the landscape of my inner world with a more mindful and compassionate approach, I shifted into a more empowering way of taking responsibility for my life.

Results with my clients radically improved, as my relationship to my body, health and personal development began to transform.

Longing to spread my wings to expand my inner and outer horizons, I began to see travel as an opportunity to create an accelerated learning experience, whilst enjoying the things I love to do.



About Awareness Adventures

This is the heart-centred genius of Mirella Parry and her team of caring teachers, experts and guides, committed to supporting you to initiate powerful shifts in your mind, your health, your spirit and your life.

Magic happens once we step away from our day-to-day reality and see our lives from a broader vantage point. It opens up a space for awakening  a sense of aliveness, fun and adventure.

This creates fertile ground for Integrating new information, sharpening life skills and deepening your spiritual practice.

Stepping out of our familiar routines, has also proved  to be a powerful opportunity to integrate practices and systems for optimum health and wellbeing.

Lightbulbs went off, as I realised the  immense benefits of  creating  journeys with a sense of purpose.

Sharing this journey with other like minded and hearted souls has been the  greatest gift of all.



We are passionately dedicated to….

Inspiring individuals, ready for inner and outer transformation, who desire to merge travel to fabulous locations with a deeper sense of purpose.

Cultivating a supportive space to promote empowered thinking, holistic fitness and potent health practices.

Creating a unique holiday adventures, combining spectacular locations with experiential learning to motivate deep, lasting change in peoples lives.

Developing new programs and finding more fabulous locations to enhance both your learning and recreational experience with us.

Lovingly taking care of you, from the time you arrive at the airport and throughout your journey, so you can let go of figuring out the logistics and simply enjoy your experience.

Supporting  your ongoing progress through learning like-minded communities and follow up programs.

Giving back to local communities, by donating to either environmental or educational projects, in the surrounding area of our retreat.