Womens Empowerment Retreats

Tired of multi-tasking and mounting expectations that swallow up your time and energy? Wish you could just switch off, tune in, turn on and lush up? Overdue for some ‘me’ time?

Womens Radiant retreats are a delicious way to reclaim some well earned ‘me’ that you truly deserve.

Savour being able to toss off the hats you wear at work, at home, in your relationships and social circles.

Enjoy relaxing, unwinding and just being yourself in great company.

Treat yourself in a sacred space of healing and natural beauty. 

* Relax in a beautiful pristine environment

* Unwind your body and mind with yoga and meditative movement

* Replenish yourself with potent healing practices for women

* Bliss out with some luxurious pampering

* Uplevel your fitness and eating habits

* Deepen your self awareness

* Enjoy being with supportive like-minded sisters

* Reconnect with what lights you up

Return home with valuable tools to detox your body, empower your mind, and transform your life.